Talent Management


Developing an organisation requires an accurate and in-depth understanding of its people. Retaining and managing talent in the organisation is essential for business success and growth, as well as for maintaining competitive advantage – especially in today’s harsh economic climate.

We specialise in undertaking in-depth assessments of key or high potential staff that combine a variety of methods, including psychometric assessment and 360 degree feedback, for:

  • succession planning
  • to identify development needs
  • as a pre-cursor to leadership development programmes
  • where development or retention of talent is the major focus

Our approach is to understand people in the context of the organisation, culture and their particular current and future job demands.

We also design and faciliate bespoke development centres, which help predict the future performance and potential of your staff at specific management levels or in specific roles. Through the design of job-related exercises, we help you to predict how people will perform in different contexts and situations, including their potential against the demands of new situations.

Our approach to development allows you to identify where leadership is strong and where there are capability gaps. This helps you to identify how this impacts on your business targets and growth. Our development interventions help individuals identify the technical and psychological gaps and barriers to effective performance. Development activities can be tailored to where there will be maximum return on investment.

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