Why us

We are different because:

  • Our approach is based on a belief that all business involves psychology
  • We have a proven track record in business and consultancy
  • We provide a personal service
  • We deliver quality that is affordable
  • We have an international perspective and reputation

We use the principles of psychology to help you meet your challenges and business imperatives to achieve success and improvement through your people.

Our directors and consultants bring together the powerful combination of extensive practical business experience working within organisations and expertise in business psychology to achieve measurable results.  Our approach is based on psychological theories and techniques that have been tested and used in the field of psychology over decades.  Our high quality solutions work effectively at individual, team and organisational level and are robust because they are underpinned by sound theory.

Our approach combines a pragmatic business focus with best practice. Our consultancy service is underpinned by the values of listening, cost-effectiveness, quality, fairness and ethical practice.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional but personal service that is tailored to meet your specific needs.  We are small enough to provide a cost-efficient service specific to your organisation and your needs, but large enough to have global experience and reach and organisational resilience. When you make contact with us, you will always speak with one of the Directors.

We have specialist expertise and experience, developed over 20 years of working in business psychology and 12 years as Adept (Business Psychology) Ltd, which can significantly add value to your organisation.

We have an international presence and strong reputation from working regularly with business and other psychologists in over 15 countries throughout the world. We are happy for you to contact any of our clients if you would like a testimonial.

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