Selection processes


Selection processes we have developed include:

  • Bespoke exercises, simulations and case studies
  • Dedicated interviews assessing: motivation; knowledge, experience and skills; personality and values; career;  potential and ‘headroom’
  • Interviews linked with testing – psychometric ability and/or personality tests
  • In-depth psychological assessment
  • Competency-based application forms
  • Comprehensive assessment and development centresadopting a combination of selection methods, including exercises, simulations, interviews, psychometric tests.

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We have extensive experience and a solid track record in the design of exercises and assessment centres for private and public sector clients, for a diverse range of roles and job levels.

We work in partnership with you to design bespoke and cost-effective assessment processes for use in recruitment, selection, promotion and identifying potential. These are tailored to the requirements of a specific job or role and identify people with the skills, attitude, capabilities and characteristics required for effective performance.

Our approach involves critical, objective analysis and evaluation of both business needs and the political context to give an insight into the responsibilities and work environment. We base selection processes on the role requirements through rigorous job analysis, role profiling, review of relevant documentation, and discussions with key stakeholders about future change or challenges.

We offer you:

  • A bespoke, innovative service
  • Confidentiality and sensitivity to your organisation and candidates
  • Depth of insight into candidates’ potential
  • Quality feedback (organisational and individual)
  • Professionalism
  • Ownership and independence

We identify people with the right motivation, commitment and potential, rather than only those with appropriate skills and experience. Our approach provides a holistic approach to selection which allows you to look in more depth at each individual. It means that it is possible to grow people into your own organisation and culture, as well as into specific roles.

We are future-focused. We work with you to design bespoke job-specific exercises and more comprehensive assessment centres that are job-related, up to date, new and challenging.

Candidates experiencing our processes themselves say that they receive a realistic job preview and thus learn more about the role for which they are applying.

We use rigorous assessment methodology underpined by the principles of psychology to produce an objective and fair evaluation.

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