Executive coaching


We provide personal leadership coaching that meets the needs of both the individual and the organisation. Our approach to psychological coaching can help executives with one of the most difficult leadership tasks they may face: changing themselves.

 We achieve this through:

  •  Deep exploration at emotional, cognitive, behavioural, task levels
  • Coaching underpinned by the principles of psychological analysis
  • Personal insights
  • Self-analysis and self-awareness
  • Space for reflection
  • Challenge and feedback
  • A focus on solutions

For the individual, they receive expert support that is personal and intensely dedicated to their needs, but at the same time is detached and independent – a support that is difficult if not impossible to find in the workplace. Our executive coaching seeks to support leaders as they capitalise on their strengths, mitigate their weaknesses, create supportive and well-balanced teams and determine their own career goals.

For the organisation, it knows that it is receiving a professional, confidential, structured and comprehensive process that assures results.

The principles of psychology underpin all we do in leadership coaching. It is individuals with all their talents and idiosyncrasies, with all their past history and future dreams, who make up the leadership teams of organisations. Like it or not, irrational behaviour is more ‘normal’ than most people are prepared to admit! Therefore, in organisations, as in individual life, psychological awareness is the first step towards psychological health.

We bring a psychological focus to coaching, to explore the causes that lie below the surface ‘symptoms’. We deal with behaviour, emotion and cognition to explore blind spots, defensive reactions, forms of distorted thinking and irrational thoughts. At the same time, we also take a systematic perspective by having a deep understanding of the overall organisational context.

Effective leadership contains two conflicting imperatives: the imperative for the leader to be ‘true to oneself’, to act out of personal awareness and conviction; and the imperative for the leader to be true to the organisation, to act in way that meets the needs of the organisation through and with others. The challenge of authentic leadership is that it demands awareness – self-awareness, awareness of others, and awareness of the organisation.

The aim of our leadership coaching is to help clients engage in self-analytic activities so that they can learn how to engage in interventions of their own. We work with leaders to ensure they don’t forget that change in an organisation starts with themselves.  We aim to create self-aware individuals and a healthy effective organisation.


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