Team building


We design and facilitate events to build effective teams with a shared vision and sense of purpose. Through our tailored approach to team building, we assist individuals and teams to identify problems and, through a structured and planned process, reach solutions. We focus on critical organisational, team and individual success factors and performance.

We focus on critical success factors for the organisation, team and individuals, and these include aims, objectives, purpose, mission, values, team performance and behaviour. We include action planning and team charters after interventions.

It is not unusual for organisations to find that efficiency, effectiveness and profitability are affected by poor team relationships, poor communication and conflicts in the work-place. Teams can benefit from taking a step back to reflect and look critically at how they are performing in order to improve effectiveness. Taking the team away from the workplace to a neutral and safe environment can be of significant value in:

  • Resolving intractable (practical or relationship) problems
  • Airing differences, being open and honest with each other
  • Achieving creativity and innovation in problem solving
  • Increasing understanding and awareness of personality and interpersonal relationships
  • Appreciating difference, encouraging diversity
  • Moving forward positively with focus and direction

Our approach focuses on deliverables through creating a positive solutions-focused climate. We believe that, whilst being empathic and supportive, our role is to raise and confront critical issues which are not being addressed or not addressed in a constructive way. This ensures that issues come to the surface and the team works on underlying barriers to effective performance. This will be undertaken with sensitivity to the needs of both the individuals and the organisation.

Our approach is tailored to each situation and we do not apply off-the-shelf solutions. Before undertaking any team activity, we engage in detailed diagnosis to identify the underlying issues and barriers and ensure we design interventions which address the key issues for the business.

We are highly sensitive in our approach to the needs of the individuals and the organisation, listening deeply.

As confidentiality is critical for success, we negotiate the level of confidentiality for each individual contract and establish rules of engagement.

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