Reviews & evaluations


We provide expertise and a considerable track record of experience in conducting in-depth reviews and evaluations for teams, units or departments within the organisation.

Our approach is strategic, analytical and in-depth with sharp focus on the over-arching aims, objectives, purpose and business imperatives for a review. We are rigorous and thorough in our approach:

  • We use a variety of methods to gather evidence, including interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, data (performance measures, targets), employee and customer surveys.
  • We gather evidence as widely as possible in the round to include stakeholders, internal and external customers, board members, senior management, staff, unions/staff associations.

You can be assured that our comprehensive approach will provide you with in-depth, accurate, honest and objective feedback concerning the problem itself and its manifestation, the effects and impact of the problem, the underlying causes of the problem and recommendations for the way forward.

We work in cooperation with you to communicate the results in a way most suitable and appropriate to your needs, ensuring that it is clear and user-friendly.

The following are some of the areas in which we have conducted reviews and evaluations:

  • Socialisation of new staff into an organisation – 3 successive evaluations to chart progress over 3-4 years
  • Career progression of women managers and leaders within organisations
  • Culture within an ‘operations’ department
  • Effectiveness of corporate and departmental HR departments within an organisation
  • Use of the 16PF personality test in a selection process
  • Selection and assessment processes for promotion to management
  • Quality and effectiveness of an NHS development centre for non-clinical managers
  • Tutoring and coaching for new staff
  • Socialisation and integration of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs)
  • New training and development programme for probationary ‘student’ police officers
  • Personality tests for the assessment of integrity
  • Selection, training, development and deployment of staff working covertly

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