Assessment & development centres


Our approach combines an evaluation of the role and business needs. We consider political factors, interpersonal interfaces, customer contacts, performance indicators and future challenges. This enables us to develop effective and powerful simulations that give a real insight into the role responsibilities and work context.

Our solutions are always tailored to your unique and specific organisational context and needs.

Our exercises provide candidates with a realistic job preview and as a result they are challenging, insightful but job-related.

We use a combination of different types of exercises to provide a holistic view of candidates’ skills and competence. These include: written problem-solving exercises, case studies, in-tray exercises, letter-writing, role-plays, group exercises, committee/meeting scenarios, presentations, simulations, telephone interviews, etc. We are innovative in our design to ensure processes are both discriminating and stimulating.

We have the capacity to meet your needs from flexible one-off assessments for specific roles to higher volume recruitment.

We provide you with:

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Flexible and innovative design
  • Full support and a managed service
  • Job simulations
  • Cost-efficiency and cost-consciousness
  • Ownership of the process
  • Reviews and monitoring

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