‘You are the Enablers’


Targeted at the senior management team, ‘You are the Enablers’ is a focused bespoke programme designed for the context and culture of this organisation, to equip line managers to support the organisation leverage full value from its investment in training, development and learning.

The critical business need for this organisation is to ensure managers are fully committed – in values, behaviour and actions – to fulfil their role and responsibilities in developing new joiners and supporting their staff to effectively transfer learning back to the workplace from the Leadership Academy and other learning and development programmes.

The programme has the following priority aims:

  • To understand what it means to be an enabling leader and an enabling organisation.
  • To give confidence to managers such that they commit to goals and actions for creating an enabling organisation and culture, role modelling an enabling style of leadership and driving forward change.
  • To reinforce the need for leadership alignment towards this goal.
  • To enable managers to support their staff to transfer and embed learning in the workplace in order to enhance organisational effectiveness and meet business targets.
  • To set clear and ambitious reciprocal expectations relating to the Leadership Academy to ensure the organisation achieves maximum return on investment from learning and development activities.

Building on the learning focus to understand what it means to be an ‘enabler’, the aim is to equip leaders with the values, behaviours, skills and techniques they need to enable staff to transfer learning and contribute maximally to the broader evolution and development of the organisation.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, the ‘You are the Enablers’ programme can be downloaded here:

‘You are the Enablers’_Programme

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