Gordon Hirst

Gordon can draw upon many years of senior management and leadership experience, both academic and practical, which greatly assists him when helping clients who are seeking solutions that will really work.

Gordon is a member of the chartered management institute and is also experienced in counselling, debriefing and advanced facilitation and training. His experience has enabled him to provide training in customer care, managing difficult situations, equal opportunities, job analysis techniques, and assessment, development and appraisal. Gordon has experience in providing counselling and outplacement counselling to middle and senior managers.

Working for a number of years with the police service, Gordon managed the metropolitan police assessment centre and was responsible for promotions up to the rank of chief superintendent. He later moved to the National Police College Bramshill where he was a director of training and development on the graduate entry programme. Gordon was always conscious, however, of the importance of maintaining his practical, hands-on leadership experience and ensured that he regularly returned to his ‘front line’ operational role.

Gordon helped set up Adept (Business Psychology) Ltd because he believed that, by combining his experience with that of a business psychologist, together they could offer a much broader base of knowledge and experience which would lead to more complete solutions for clients. For Gordon “releasing potential, unlocking talent” is not just a slogan; it is the passion that drives his whole approach to his work.

The list of clients that have benefited from Adept’s interventions and the fact that Adept does not advertise but is able to rely on personal recommendation for its new contacts is a source of great satisfaction to both the directors of Adept and the associates and partners that work with them.

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