Leadership assessment


We use psychological assessment tools and techniques to predict people’s skills, potential, drive and motivation to a job, organisation and team and to identify strengths, areas of development and risks for the future.

Through in-depth assessment, we are able to predict people’s capability and potential against the demands of the job now and the potential challenges of the future. We undertake assessments for recruitment to key positions, for succession planning or where development is the major focus. We can provide a diagnostic of where your leadership talent is strong and where there are capability gaps with the implications for the delivery of business improvement goals.

Our development interventions use an appreciative enquiry approach to explore barriers to effective performance and to focus on positive aspects of leadership, attitude and motivation with the aim of helping people identify and develop what is working well.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Who are your leaders of tomorrow?
  • Where is the talent in your organisation?
  • Who are the successors of your key positions?
  • Where should you be focussing development to gain maximum return?
  • Do your leaders have the capability to deliver against business goals?
  • Are you developing the right skills and abilities to meet future demands?

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