Personality tests


Personality tests aim to measure an individual’s innate personality traits and characteristics.

Personality is a term which refers to the behaviour of individuals and the way they interact with people and the environment. They describe and measure aspects of a person’s character that remain stable throughout the person’s lifetime – the individual’s character, pattern of behaviour, thoughts and feelings.  There are many different theories of personality and therefore different types of test. These include self-report personality questionnaires, and otehrs which measure motivation, interests or values. 

Self-report questionnaires are the ones most commonly used. They usually adopt a trait approach, defining a trait as a fairly independent but enduring characteristic which all people display but to differing degrees.

Factors or traits assessed in personality tests include:

  • extraversion and introversion, sociability, liveliness
  • interpersonal sensitivity, warmth
  • conscientiousness, planning and organisation
  • self-discipline
  • rule-consciousness
  • impulsiveness
  • emotional stability, anxiety, tension
  • flexibility
  • ambition
  • self assurance, dominance, tough-mindedness
  • openness
  • independence

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