360° Feedback


As a result of robust and reliable 360° assessment methods, we ensure that managers know exactly where they need to concentrate their efforts for positive development. We concentrate on identifying the underlying causes of issues, rather than only addressing surface symptoms.


360° feedback is a powerful tool to help leaders gain insights and increase self-confidence for personal and professional advancement. It enhances self-awareness in relation to qualities, strengths, potential, development needs, blind spots and capability gaps.

We will work closely with you to gain the commitment and engagement of staff to the process of giving honest feedback to leaders. We believe that measurement is only useful if the results link to development plans and as a result we will ensure  feedback feeds into your existing development, talent and performance management processes.

Like all self-development processes, 360° feedback requires careful handling if it is to achieve long-term benefits for the individual and organisation. It requires trust, empathy, sensitivity and a positive mindset when giving feedback to avoid any poor results causing damage.

Through sensitive, constructive – but honest – feedback, we concentrate on working with individuals through coaching to raise awareness and to set clear goals, tangible targets, success matrices and action plans. Results are seen in perspective, which means that positive aspects of performance are never overlooked and there is no over-reaction to negative issues.

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