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Preparation for selection and assessment processes

The purpose of selection is to match people to work. It is the most important element of any organisation’s management of people simply because it is not possible to optimise the effectiveness of human resources if there is a less than adequate match.

Organisations cannot excel by the quality of design alone – neither praise nor pay can motivate people to perform beyond their capabilities. ‘Work’ is more than the range of tasks and activities undertaken; it includes the physical and social environment as well.

If you know you will shortly be experiencing a selection process for a new job or role – whether it is by interview, assessment centre, job sample tests, situational judgement tests, psychometric tests, or a combination of these – you may be feeling somewhat apprehensive or anxious. So, you will want to prepare.

Assessment in different forms is an inescapable part of everyday life and we have all been subjected to assessment of some sort – whether in exams at school, a driving test, or a performance appraisal at work.

Knowing in advance what to expect from a selection process is the best way to reduce your anxiety and therefore help you to perform to the best of your ability. This will enable you to show your skills, experience, competence, capability and potential.

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